Since we have opened our doors, we have worked with a wide range of different audio and video systems in Northern Virginia as well as Maryland, DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. At PoweHouse AV, we have over three decades of experience and allow you to work directly with our owner! When our team shows up to offer a consultation or installation, you can trust that we will do an excellent job.

We are proud to offer the following products:

  • Home Automation: There are many highly developed systems which are available in order to automate and control homes of all sizes. This may include your heating and air conditioning systems, the lights, audio video system, and more.
  • Home Theaters & Movie Servers: If you have the space in your home and wish to make an upgrade, a dedicated theater or media room may be the answer to increase your comfort and enjoyment. We can help you to set up your media room.
  • Sound Systems: A whole home audio solution may be the answer to your desired needs. We can help you set up a system which allows you to control music or sound from the internet, Youtube, Spotify, AirPlay, iTunes, or more.
  • Lighting: Would you like to make your home more energy efficient or improve the overall lighting design in your home? We have the necessary expertise and products to help you to design and install a lighting control system.
  • Surveillance: If you have any concerns about being able to monitor what is happening at home or in your business while you are away, a surveillance system may be the answer. We can install cameras which help you to monitor and protect your home.
  • Secured networks: Whether you have moved into a new home or need a new network for your internet needs, we can help you to install and set up a secured network. We can solve virtually any support or network security challenge.
  • Electrical systems: You can rely on us to design, install, and set up an electrical system that is intuitive, safe, and accounts for your personal needs. This may include outlets throughout your home, wiring for outdoor lighting, and more.
  • Commercial integration: We have the high level of expertise in commercial integration you need for an electronic system to control the technology in your business. From advanced lighting and HVAC to audio and video and alarm systems, we’ve got you covered.

Additional Services to Fit Your Needs

In addition to the services listed above, we also provide whole home projects, project management, system design, and outdoor setups as well. We work directly with each owner to address your specific needs. Please contact us today at 703.214.4194 to get started! We can schedule a free in-home consultation!

Modern technology allows us to present you with solutions to control your home’s systems. You have likely never witnessed the type of convenience a control system can offer you. We can offer you products and services that you can rely on.

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