Home Theaters

If you would like to upgrade your home with a dedicated theater or media room, our team at PowerHouse AV can help. With so many advances in the electronics and home theater industries, we can offer you a beautiful audio and video experience for your home. Whether you have the budget for a small, simple media room or a larger, more advanced theater, you can rely on us to put together the perfect set up.

We are here to help you select from a number of different features that can be combined for the best possible media room/theater set up for your home:

  • Highly advanced video displays
  • Surround sound options
  • Acoustic treatments
  • Lighting controls

At PowerHouse AV, we specialize in everything audio/video as well as all of the related control systems which can help make your experience as exceptional as possible. Our services are available throughout Virginia, Maryland, DC, and surrounding areas. If you would like to request information on how we can customize a room for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 703.214.4194!